Introducing Eggma

The Eggma Trio began in May 2001 during a trip to the Houston Public Library. Jeff Cobb and Eric Rosenquist were browsing through the music when Eric declared that we should play some chamber music. Jeff would take the piano, Eric would cover the violin, but who else played an instrument? Eventually clarinetist Rajat Mathur came up, and we looked for music arranged for those instruments.

After making copies of all the music ever arranged for such a peculiar combination of instruments, we decided to meet every Tuesday and practice it. When a piece was learned, we recorded it and moved on to another. Finally after two months the recordings were finished, and all that lay ahead was the Grand Concert.

The Concert was a huge success, stunning friends and relatives alike. The Eggma Trio plans to keep searching for music written for this ensemble and perhaps broaden its horizons by incorperating other guest instruments or arranging its own works. We hope you enjoy our music as much as we do.

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