Rare Instruments

Mr. Rosenquist plays a rare $429 "Evangeline" violin crafted in the United States by the Lisle company or one of its affiliates. Its exceptional loud, powerful tone is rare for an instrument of its price and calibre. Funding for this instrument was provided by a generous grant from the Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rosenquist Foundation for the Arts of Southeast Texas. The bow is made of genuine wood and was obtained for $20 on eBay from Big Daddy's Guitars. It has never been rehaired in its three-year tenure. The bow was funded in part by the Joe's Itch Powder Family Foundation and the E.U. Grossberg Endowment.

Ms. Tsai's cello was obtained at the store.

Mr. Cobb's rehearsal Casio is a Yamaha touch-sensitive synthesizer and MIDI recorder. It exceeds even the seasoned piano in his parlour in tone and expressive range. It can be transported by one person in the back of a coupe, an aspect not lost on Cobb as he conducts his jet-setting lifestyle.